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Ty Parke Camping & Yurt Holidays

UK Wales South Wales Pembrokeshire Letterston

Llanreithan, St Davids, Pembrokeshire, SA62 5LG.

Immaculate facilities, peaceful rural location, campfires and a wonderful feeling of space, which the limited number of pitches provides

After deciding they liked the idea of opening a campsite on their farm in the western wilds of Pembrokeshire, Gary and Annie Loch thought long and hard about what kind of campsite they would wish to stay on. They realised they now had a golden opportunity – to create something new and perfect. That they have been so successful kind of confirms that the original ideas were right for the sort of folk they hoped to attract.

Firstly, they were determined to create space for campers to breathe, both spiritually and physically, as an escape from the intense urban lifestyle most of us have to lead. And, the experience had to reflect the original essence of camping – being more directly involved with the natural world. The impression you get is that Gary and Annie, possibly without realising it, have delved even deeper into (wo)man’s camping past and are encouraging campers to feel just a little of what our prehistoric forebears must have felt when they were gathered around the fire at night: the mysterious gaze into the flames; the eerie sounds of the night, and the other creatures out there sharing their lives, but keeping their distance.

The effort to create this natural, but comfortable, camping experience has resulted in Ty Parke having just ten pitches in a space where a hundred might take up residence on other campsites, and the provision of those ‘sounds of the night’ (very authentic they are, too) comes from their adjacent five-acre Nature Trail, where badgers and foxes warily wander.

Ty Parke also offers four luxuriously appointed glamping yurts for campers who wish to try something even more authentic, or decadent, depending on how you view these things. Eventually though, peaceful though it may be at Ty Parke, thoughts must eventually turn to the outside world. Gary and Annie urge guests to bring their bikes with them and discover that there is enough entertainment to keep the family busy for the full week within a 30-minute bike ride. There are glorious beaches, quaint little harbours, adrenalin-rush boat trips, something called ‘coasteering’, pony trekking, big waves and even a cathedral; and all within reach on your push iron.

Ty Parke is camping as it used to be, with the wilds pushing in around the edges, but without the hardships.

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