10 Reasons You’ll Love Glamping in the UK

Glamping offers all the joy of camping with none of the hassle. It’s camping made easy and more comfortable and if that isn’t enough reason to tempt you, here are 10 more…

1. Great for all the family.

It is a truth almost universally acknowledged that kids love camping. The fresh air, the opportunity to run wild, the chance to toast marshmallows on the campfire… what’s not to love? After a bad night’s sleep on lumpy ground or a partially-deflated airbed, some older and more sensitive campers might have an answer to that. But fear not, this is where glamping comes in and offers the best of both worlds – comfy beds and the great outdoors combine to create a holiday that all generations can enjoy.

2. Perfect introduction to camping.

If you’ve never been camping before and are not sure you’ll like it, splashing out on a tent and all the gear you’ll need can be expensive so why not test the waters with glamping? Book a pre-erected bell tent or yurt and you can sleep under canvas without making a huge investment. The fact that you won’t have to put the tent up is an added bonus. Seasoned campers and parents with young children might find that reason enough to have a go at glamping!

3. Year-round holidays in the great outdoors.

The British weather means that the camping season, for most of us, is confined to spring and summer – but not so with glamping. A cosy cabin with a wood-burning stove comes in to its own in the winter months and means that you can still immerse yourself in nature without enduring teeth-chattering cold as you try to drift off to sleep. Enjoy frosty mornings with birdsong in the air, bracing walks to local pubs and mugs of steaming hot chocolate round the campfire before retiring inside to snuggle up in the warmth.

4. The UK is best at glamping.

From turreted treehouses to underground Hobbit-style holes and from eco pods in remote locations to sumptuously decorated bell tents in the grounds of stately homes, the UK has truly embraced glamping. It started here and continues to go from strength to strength with no sign of abating and an enthusiastic glamping community helping to keep standards high. With such a great choice of glamping destinations across the UK, there’s surely no need to go anywhere else.

5. Holidays on the doorstep.

The glamping experience means that everyday activities are all part of the fun and provide such a break from the daily grind that it doesn’t matter if it’s two or 202 miles away from home. Cooking on a campfire, eating outside and sleeping under canvas or in a romantic little shepherd’s hut mean that you can stay closer to home and still feel you’ve had a holiday. Perhaps choose somewhere close to an attraction that you’ve been meaning to visit and re-discover the hidden gems on your doorstep.

6. The price is right.

Glamping in the UK will provide a memorable holiday without breaking the bank. You don’t need to fork out on ferries or flights and the price of staying in your glamping getaway is likely to be less than the average hotel – not to mention twice the fun. With prices starting at £30 for a pre-pitched tent, there are glamping options to suit every budget. If its the glamour of glamourous camping you like the sound of, head for the heights and book yourself in to a super-luxury treehouse with a hot tub or a cosy cabin with all mod cons.

7. A lightened load.

With a tent (at the very least) pitched and waiting for you, your load is substantially lightened. You don’t need to carry your canvas, poles and tent pegs and, depending on the glamping site you have chosen, you may want to leave a few other things behind too. In short, glamping starts making your life easier from the get-go. It makes travelling to your camping holiday by public transport infinitely more do-able and means that if you’re using a car – you might even have room for the kids!

8. All-weather camping.

Did we mention the weather? It’s the subject we love to hate so it’s worth mentioning again. The changeable British weather can make a camping holiday a wash-out – even in the summer. It’s not much fun trying to pitch a tent in high winds and rain and even more of a pain to take it down in poor conditions, only to have to dry it out in the garden later. Choose glamping and you get all the thrills of camping but, if the heavens open as you pull up to your campsite, it’s just a short dash to get under cover.

9. Less time faffing.

There’s no messing around with tent poles and pegs for people who choose glamping over camping – because their accommodation is set up waiting for them. While camping neighbours might find themselves in a tangle over a guy rope, glampers can smugly look on as their holiday truly starts from the moment they arrive. Less time making and breaking camp, means more time relaxing or exploring the new surroundings you’ve come to see making precious weekends away feel that little bit longer!

10. A taste of The Good Life.

If you dream of owning your own tipi or leaving the city for a life in the country, you can test-drive the dream by going glamping. Have a holiday in the tent you want to buy to see what its really like or spend a weekend with chickens on the doorstep and a solar panel on the roof to find out how you would cope unconnected in the country. Glamping might help you make an important decision or just scratch the itch with a wild weekend away.

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By Amy Woodland, November 2017